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3 Ways Recycling Scrap Metal Is Good for Your Business

Whether you own a construction business, a restaurant or anything in between, you most likely create more scrap metal than you realize. While a lot of business owners simply throw out their unused scrap metal, there is actually a much better use for it that would help your business: recycling. Here are a few ways that recycling scrap metal can help your business.

1. Income

You might not have known this, but you can increase the income of your business by recycling your scrap metal. The amount scrap yards will pay per pound varies depending on your location, but the range is generally somewhere between $0.11 and $2.71 per pound depending on the type of metal you are throwing out.

Businesses in the construction and manufacturing industry create tons of scrap metal, but even if you own a different type of business, there is likely more scrap metal lying around than you realize. For example, soda cans, old window frames, electronic scraps from your last system update (also called e-waste), used plumbing parts and more could all be recycled as scrap metal. Every business creates scrap metal, so you should be profiting from it.

2. Environment

Recycling uses less energy to process than mining. It also leaves more room in landfills for things like Saturday's leftovers and other non-recyclable materials. Having less bulky metals in the landfills means less need for new landfills near your home and business.

But you're probably wondering how helping the environment can help your business. Well, it can't — at least not directly. But when people find out that your business is becoming environmentally friendly, you'll probably drum up some new business from those who find high standards to be an important factor.

3. Economy

No matter where you live or what your business is doing, a good economy is good for everyone. Recycling boosts the economy by providing more jobs. Jobs in the landfills are plentiful, but there are even more in the recycling business.

Across the U.S., the recycling industry has generated about $90 billion. Local businesses can encourage this boost in the economy by recycling their scrap metal. And a boost in the local economy will bring in new customers for you, so it's a win-win.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're first starting out selling your scrap metal, including two ways you can increase how much you get paid for your metal.

Clean your scrap metal before you take it in. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it. But keep in mind that hiring someone to clean your scrap metal will cut into your profits.

Bringing in clean metals to the scrap yard means you'll get paid more per pound because they don't have to clean it for you. If it's too dirty, some scrap metal recycling services won't even take it, so take the time to clean it up a little. The extra effort will be worth it in the end.

Sorting your metal will also increase the price per pound. Different metals are worth different amounts and if you bring in an assortment of metals that hasn't been sorted yet then you will get paid for the cheaper metals rather than the more expensive ones.

Recycling your used scrap metal is not only good for the environment and the economy but also your business. Tennessee Metals Company, LLC is the place to go for all of your scrap metal recycling needs. Come visit us and we'll show you in person how recycling your scrap metal can help your business.