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What Recycled Scrap Metal Becomes

The term “circular economy” may not be familiar to you, but it’s the idea that all manufactured things can be recreated once it has lost its commercial use. Your company probably uses recycled metal products on a daily basis. Scrap metal can be recycled for use in many different industries.

Road Construction

One of the major uses of recycled metal is in construction materials. The circle of life presents itself as many car scrap metals can be used to in road construction, especially in bridges.

Light Fixtures

Recycled scrap metal often turns into home décor, especially light fixtures. Many decorative hanging lights and lamps are made from recycled materials.

Artwork and Decorative Metalwork

Many artists use recycled metal to create their art—some use recycled metals exclusively! Recycled metals can be turned into large metal sculptures or small wall displays.


Steel and aluminum are frequently recycled into packaging material. In fact, many food cans are created from recycled materials.

When you recycle your scrap metal, it can turn into many useful items. Your business is most likely a part of the circular economy already, but making an effort to be recycle scrap metal more can be beneficial to both your bottom line and the environment. To learn more about why recycling scrap metal is good for the environment, contact Tennessee Metals Company, LLC.